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Efficient Windows

Many stratas have old, outdated windows that are are a cosmetic and financial strain. Is it time to update yours?

Quality Doors

Updating the doors in your strata will improve the value of your building, as well as save owners money on bills in years to come.


We understand that stratas have a tight budget for window and door upgrades. We’ll work with you to find an affordable option for your needs.

Need to discuss your project? We’re here for you.

Update Your Apartment with Adera

We know the unique challenges that Okanagan strata mangers face in the Okanagan and are excited to help you find the perfect window and doors for your building.

Hands-On Experience

Updating your strata’s windows and doors is a huge undertaking. Luckily, we’ve done this a few times and will help you find the best solution.

Top Manufacturers

By partnering with top window and door manufacturers, we’re proud to offer your strata the best products in the Okanagan.

Years of Experience

We’ve worked with Okanagan stratas for years and are well versed in the unique needs you have for quality windows and doors.

Save Money

Updating your strata’s windows and doors does a lot more than just look great — your owners will also save on energy bills for years to come!

Project Management

Adera works directly with the strata council to coordinate your project from first contact to completion.


We offer a commercial warranty on all our products. Rest easy knowing your building’s windows and doors are protected.

Strata Window Options

Whether you’re building a new strata property or updating an existing, we’ll help you choose quality, energy efficient windows that’ll not only look great, but also keep your homeowners happy and comfortable throughout the Okanagan’s changing seasons.

Horizontal sliding windows are an affordable and quality options for Okanagan stratas

Horizontal Slider Window

Horizontal sliding windows are a popular option for stratas. They slide either left or right and open without protruding, which make them a low-profile favourite.

Picture windows for Okanagan stratas

Casement Window

Casement windows are hinged and open outward like a door. They offer maximum ventilation, unobstructed views, and interior screens.

Single hung windows are a good option for upgrading Okanagan stratas

Single Hung Window

Single hung windows are a popular choice for stratas. They save space because they open without protruding while still providing plenty of airflow.

Strata Door Options

Are you in need of new doors for your strata? Updating your doors is a quick and affordable way to increase your strata’s value. 

Sliding patio doors for Okanagan homeowners and stratas

Sliding Patio Doors

Updating your strata’s patio door is a wonderful way to quickly update your building and save your homeowner’s money on their energy bills.

Single front entry door

Strata Entry Doors

Just because you’re a strata doesn’t mean you need boring entry doors! We offer many styles of entry doors to quickly modernize your building.

French doors for Okanagan homeowners

French Doors

Does your strata have large patios that would benefit from a timeless French door? These are a classic way to improve your buliding.

Energy-Efficient & Modern

Not sure where to start on your strata build or update? We’ve gathered some of our favourite window and door projects to inspire your strata’s transformation. 

Upgraded windows in an Okanagan strata apartment building
Updated windows at an apartment strata in Big White, Kelowna
New windows and doors at an Okanagan strata property
Window and door upgrade at the Tamarak condo in Kelowna
Multi-family window and door project in Vernon
Affordable windows for Kelowna and Vernon stratas

Have a Question About Updating Your Strata?

Get answers to common questions that strata managers have about updating their windows and doors.

We have worked with Adera Windows & Doors for the past four years, working in phases to replace patio doors and windows that are considered to be in critical, deteriorated shape. The crew are professional, knowledgeable, polite, and friendly. The crew go above and beyond, wasting no time. Adera has always remedied any flaws such as pinholes in screens or ripped screen doors. Adera comes back on site to attend to and adjust a patio door that may be sticking a bit.

Terry L – Bella View Strata / Vernon, BC 
Terry L – Bella View Strata / Vernon, BC
Window wall in an Okanagan home

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Okanagan strata councils trust the Adera team

We have over 25 years of construction and renovation experience and work with some of the top manufacturers to bring your strata quality windows and doors.

Our experienced team puts your needs first and we can’t wait to update your building! Visit our showroom in Kelowna to check out your options and chat with our experts.

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