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Is It Time for New Windows?

Are you looking to save money on your enegery bills, give your house a new look, or be more comfortable through the changing Okanagan seasons? Adera carries a wide range of windows with features like smaller frames and bigger windows, increased lifespan and security, heat gain while reducing heat loss, and superior weather performance.

Window Operating Styles

Before you choose a window, imagine your room. How will your new window affect the natural light, functionality, and airflow of the room? Luckily, we offer many different styles of windows for your Okanagan home or building!

Adera offers horizontal sliding window to Kelowna, Vernon, and Okanagan homeowners, builders, and strata

Horizontal Slider

Horizontal sliding windows are a low-profile favourite for contemporary homes, bedrooms, and patios in Kelowna and Vernon that offers plenty of airflow.

Adera offers single hung window to Vernon, Kelowna, and Okanagan homeowners, builders, and strata

Single Hung

Single hung windows are a popular choice for modern Okanagan homes. They save space while still providing plenty of airflow to your home.

Adera offers double hung windows to Kelowna, Vernon, and Okanagan homeowners, builders, and strata

Double Hung

Double hung windows open at the top and bottom and are great for airflow. They’re low profile enough for walkways, patios, and porches.

Adera offers casement window to Kelowna, Vernon, and Okanagan homeowners, builders, and strata managers


Casement windows are great for ventilation and provide amazing views through subtle interior screens.

Adera offers hinged awning window to Kelowna, Vernon, and Okanagan homeowners, builders, and strata


Awning windows let you enjoy fresh air without worrying about rain. They’re often used in basements or above picture windows.

Adera offers a huge selection of picture window to Okanagan homeowners, builders, and strata managers


Picture windows don’t open, but they’re perfect for unobstructed, expansive views and flood rooms with natural light. 

Adera offers bay and bow window for upgrading Okanagan homes

Bay & Bow

Bay and bow windows add a dramatic touch. Increase both your curb appeal and the space inside your home!

Window Frame Materials

Did you know that your window’s frame material makes all the difference? It’s true! Check out your options below to determine which frame material is best suited for your home in Kelowna, Vernon, and the rest of the Okanagan.

White vinyl windows are great for Okanagan bedrooms


Vinyl windows are energy efficient, virtually maintenance free, and usually more affordable than other frame options which make them perfect for Okanagan renovations.

Black fiberglass windows are available for Kelowna, Vernon, and Okanagan homesowners from Adera Windows & Doors


Fiberglass windows are extremely strong and are very low maintenance. They resist swelling, rotting, and warping and are great for the Okanagan’s climate.

Black aluminum windows are great for Okanagan homes


Aluminum windows are becoming a popular choice for Kelowna and Vernon architects and homeowners alike because of its timeless strength and distinct look.

If you would like more information, feel free to visit our Kelowna showroom or contact us.

Window Inspiration

Are you not sure what style of window you want yet? Choosing the right window is a big decision for Kelowna, Vernon, and Okanagan homeowners, so to get inspired, check out some of these great window designs! 

These white, energy-efficient vinyl windows are perfect for sunrooms in Okanagan homes
Fiberglass windows are low maintenance and resist swelling which make them great options for Okanagan homes
Vinyl windows are low-maintenance and energy efficient options for Kelowna and Vernon homes
Vinyl windows are an affordable and energy-efficient option for Kelowna and Vernon homes
Large Milgard fiberglass windows are great for enjoying beautiful Okanagan views from your living room
Enjoy a comfortable Okanagan home office with beautiful fiberglass windows

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Big shout out to Adera Windows and Doors for a job well done. We just love our new windows. Adera was a pleasure to deal with. I will be recommending them in the future to family and friends and would definitely use them again.

Teri B – Vernon, BC 
Teri B – Vernon, BC

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